Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the beginning

In January of 2006 I came here on a fiancee visa to be with my man. We got married four days later. I didn't really want to get pregnant right away and I told hubby that. I want to enjoy at least two years with him before thinking of getting pregnant and raising a kid. I felt I wasn't ready. I was on contraceptives but being new to it, my system didn't work it out. I was sick all the time while using the patch. I didn't think of the pill then. I guess I was just naive. Hubby is the only person I am intimate with so there was really no need to use any prior to the marriage. Anyways, since I got sick I stopped using the patch. Didn't use any protection and the rest is history I should say.
I got pregnant! The one thing I wasn't planning of doing yet. Hubby of course has always wanted me to get pregnant right away. He said there was no need to wait. I am getting old. What can I do? I was already pregnant. Abortion was not, and never will be an option. I hate people who do that. Anyways, it took me a little while to get used to the idea of being a mother. But when the reality sank in, I was happy. I was going to be a mom. I will have my hubby's replica running around after me.
The first trimester though was really hard. I didn't have morning sickness, I had all-day sickness. I was sick all the time. I wouldn't eat anything except ramen noodles, eggs, some tuna, and fruits. What can I do? Those were the only food my tummy tolerated. I even threw up what little amount of water I drank. It was that bad. When I got past that, I was okay. I even gained weight because I just kept on eating.
Nine months later, bubby was born. At 6 lbs 12 oz I thought he was too tiny. The hospital people said that he had infection when he was born because I had fever and they mistook me for a mexican. They actually had him on antibiotics or else they said they will call DSS on us. I was actually quite healthy while pregnant. Why they said a lot of sh*t I don't know. I am sure they will get what they deserve when the time comes, especially the people who said that my son is gonna die because of it. They just couldn't imagine what a mother would have felt like when they said that. Especially just right after the delivery. My husband wasn't able to do anything because he was afraid they were gonna take the baby from us. It still pisses me off when I remember the things that happened. Hubby wanted to take them to court but I told him it is just a waste of time and money. Somebody's looking out for us. He knows what to do with everybody. Leave it to Him to judge. And when I look at my son now, I think to myself, I have something to be grateful for. I have a precious little boy who calls himself baby, who in his entire first year has never really been to the doctor except for his shots. We know they were wrong. We have a healthy boy. And we hope he stays that way.

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