Tuesday, February 26, 2008

second month

On the second month, bubby is already on the 75th percentile height-wise much to his pediatrician's amazement. Bubby just decided he had enough being short and he doesn't want to be like mama, lol. He was healthy, gaining weight and growing like any normal baby boy. By that time mama was already settled in a routine that works out for everything and everybody. Bubby sleeps most of the time and he would only wake up to eat and look around a little. By that time too, he can already raise his head up unassisted. Had been ever since he was two weeks old for some reason. Mama didn't have her digicam then so she wasn't able to take lots of pictures. Buying films and batteries, taking pictures and then bringing them to the store to be developed was too much work at the time. Everybody was lazy and catching up with sleep and rest. I have a few pictures though that bubby tries to play from time to time. I told him not to mess with the pics because those were his only baby pics and people might think he is adopted if we can't show any proof :D

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