Sunday, October 23, 2016

the way to relax

There is nothing better than listening to good music when you are by yourself. That is what I do when the kids are at school and I am not swamped with assignments. Just kick back in the couch with the television on Youtube playing my favorite love songs from the 70's and 80's. I use Youtube because it is free. It probably would have been better if I had an ipod and a bose sounddock portable but since I don't, I am quite happy with what I have. The husband does not like my type of music because he said it is so sad and depressing. The love songs do sound depressing but listening to them make me feel better. I know it is weird. I doubt there are a lot of people who understand me but to each his own right? Besides, I let him listen to new songs that these new generation calls music without telling him my opinion so he has learned to keep his mouth shut when I am "relaxing".

Thursday, October 20, 2016

field trip

The little man informed us today that his class is going on a field trip. He is pretty excited because they are going to be visiting an old tribal ground. This is for their Social Studies class. I am always okay with field trips but my husband always has reservations. He wants to know who will be going, who will chaperone and if parents are allowed to chaperone. Our school district implemented a policy a couple of years ago where any chaperone will have to have a volunteer ID to chaperone any school related activities. This requires submitting an application and background checks and such and normally takes a few weeks to complete. The husband and I have our volunteer ID's because we know that school have field trips and that we want to be able to go if we can. Anyway, I told the little man he can go if daddy goes with him. Daddy looked at me and asked why him. Lol! To be honest, I have not chaperoned on any of the little man's field trip. The husband did that. But he said I will have to go with the little girl's field trip this time so I should not feel bad making him go with the little man, right? I do not think the little man will want to pass this field trip up so we will have to make a decision very soon. I would have loved to go on field trips when I was in school. That never happened in my nick of the woods.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

a headphone is a must!

It is no secret that the little man is into online games. He plays Minecraft, Roblox, Blocksworld, Animal Jam, among other games. He also watches Youtube videos about games, trivias, documentaries, and any topic he is interested in. He used cheap headphones for a while until I bought him a nice, noise canceling headphone set. It is not by any means comparable to beats pros but it does what it is supposed to do so he is happy with it. I would love to buy him an expensive gamer's headphone but it just costs too much right now. Maybe in the future. He seems to be happy with the ones I bought for him. I hope it will last for a while because it pains me to buy new headsets every few weeks because it either quit working or somebody tore it up.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

pretend play

Somebody has been making noise with his mouth mimicking a wind instrument. I could not tell what he is pretending to use but I am telling you it is annoying. He laughs when I tell him to stop because he is just "playing pretend". While I am all about fostering pretend play even at his age, I would prefer it to be a little bit quieter than he currently is. Even his father told him to tone it down. I have a mind of bringing him to a brass and woodwind shop and buy him what makes him happy. But then, what if he asks us to buy something that costs a lot? I would be in real trouble then, lol. I am hoping that just like the recorder phase, this too shall pass. And very soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

fourth grade!

The little man starts fourth grade today. He is excited, as usual. It may be because his little sister is going in the same school too. She starts kindergarten this year. This year, he is tasked to walk his sister to the kindergartners' meeting room before he walks to the big kids' meeting room. He is not doing it today though. I will be walking the little girl straight to her classroom today and tomorrow while he walks to his classroom by himself. I will try to check on him after I make sure the little girl is situated in her room. This will be the first year I will not walk with him but he said he is fine with it. In fact, he is ecstatic about going to his classroom by himself. He is a big kid, see? Lol. I hope the kids will have a good day today. I know the little man will be because he knows most of the kids in his class. The little girl will have to do a lot of adjustments which worries me a bit. It might be for nothing though. After all, I worried about the little man when he started first grade but he did fine. I cannot wait for the stories I will hear when they get home from school.

Friday, July 31, 2015

home improvement

When the husband goes to home improvement stores, he always asks if I want to tag along. He knows how I like to look at displays in the stores. I am fascinated with the little things at the hardware section that contain things that are useful but have not known until recently. Because really, how would I know how many sizes of couplings and plugs are there? I found out on our last visit, a lot! I also like to see displays in the home & patio section, not that I would spend that much money on a table and few chairs when I can just continue using the picnic table that we already have in our patio. Although I must admit that I did make my husband buy a patio umbrella for the table because I cannot stand the glare of the sun. It is not as glamorous but it serves its purpose, you know? And last, I like to check on the garden section for any plants that is on sale that I just might want to buy. Just so you know, I do not look for flowers and such. I should, but I actually like vegetables and herbs more useful. With all the things I want to do, I understand when sometimes he does not want me to tag along. But he said that he has to ask so as not to hurt my feelings. He is the kind who wants to go in to buy what he wants then come out while I roam the store for hours just looking. So, to keep the peace, I would go when I know he is not in a hurry and stay home when he is. Works well for us.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The little man handed me a letter from school the other day reminding parents that the school portal is open for early enrollment. Since I already have an account, I decided to enroll him that day. He is now pre-enrolled for third grade. Third grade! How time flies. It was not so long ago when I worried about leaving him on his first day of first grade and here he is almost in third grade. He has learned so much and he has grown a lot in mind and body. He no longer wants me to call him baby and he sometimes does not want me to hold his hand when we walk. It is breaking my heart that my first born is getting really independent. I know he has been independent since day one but this is different. He is growing up and I am getting old. I am proud of him though. He is doing really good at school and it shows in all the test scores he has brought home to us. His father and I pray that he will continue to do good in school and that he will continue to learn more. He told us that he is "so ready for third grade". We hope for a year full of wonders and adventure for our little man.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mother's day

The kids and I went to the mall for Mother's Day. The husband knows that he married an ever practical woman so instead of spending money on flowers he decided to let me spend his money shopping for things that he said I would rather have. The kids and I had fun going from one store to the next mostly window shopping. The little man helped keep an eye on his little sister while I looked at price tags clothes. We spent hours roaming the mall which was packed that day. He wanted to go to the music store so we went and, again, window shopped. No, we did not need anything from the music store so we just looked at pianos, tapped some drums, and wondered what fender princeton 112 plus are for. Then we got out to check out more stores. The little girl did not want to go. She likes musical instruments, see. The louder, the better. But we told her we cannot stay too long because there were still so many stores to visit. Fortunately for us, she was on an amiable mood that day. I did end up buying several tops and a pair of shorts for me and several tank tops for the little girl. We ended the day with good food and a plan to do it again another day. Next time, the little man said he will go bungee jumping. We will see about that. :D