Wednesday, November 19, 2014

musical instrument

If your family loves music, then shopping for home entertainment such as musical components or musical instrument, and its accessories might be included on your wish lists, especially this Christmas season. If you are looking for a musical instrument, some discount catalogs and clubs can save you lots of money. But you can also find musical instrument for less at musician friend. You can even find a hard-to-find musical instrument and accessories on this site. If you are interested, get a chance to visit this site now. If you are planning to shop for a gift to your love ones around the world, check out the recommended dates so it will arrive on time to the destination.

Friday, September 19, 2014

get the help you need

When a person gets in bad financial shape, one of the options he has is to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, as I understand it, is like wiping the slate clean. This means that a person can start over financial-wise. Not everything will be forgiven but I think that the creditors will not be able to collect anymore. I am not sure about judgments but this is where bankruptcy lawyers come in. It is a big financial step so a lawyer who has knowledge about these things should be contacted to help so everything will be done legal and proper. Before considering for bankruptcy though, a person should look for other ways and means to get out of financial trouble. Bankruptcy should be a last resort, if ever.

Monday, May 5, 2014

a little beach time

We went to the beach yesterday. It was our first time to go in weeks. The kids and I were dressed for warm weather because it was warm when we left the house. The temperature at the beach was different though, it was still cold especially with the wind blowing hard. Nobody thought to bring a jacket and all of us were really cold. We did tough it out though, we let the kids decide whether or not to stay and since they said stay then the adults did not have much of a choice. The kids played in a tidal pool where the little girl got soaked because she decided to take a dip. They did enjoy the short time we spent yesterday. There were not a lot of people save for some people who were walking with their dogs. People can bring dogs in the afternoon and that is when we get to see lots of dogs, big and small with their cute little dog tags. I had to make sure the kids did not run to the dogs so I had to move which was a good thing to keep me warm. I told the husband we need to go again but it will be when we know the weather will be really warm so we can spend longer hours at the beach and the kids can play until they ask us we need to go home instead of the other way around. It is good to live close to the beach.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The little man came home one day last week with a registration form for school. It had information in it to register him for second grade in his school. I thought I would wait until school is over before I do it but the husband said to do it now in case there are a lot of enrollees next school year. It is better to make sure he is already on the list so he will have priority over other kids who will enroll in the coming school year. So, I did it last night. He is registered for second grade. My little man, who a lot of people thought will not do good in school because of his bossy attitude and his lack of "training" (i.e. preschool and kindergarten) for regular school. He is growing up quick and is getting so big he is almost my height (just so you know, I am not tall :D). I am proud of him and his accomplishments in and out of school. We clash over a lot of things because I have a tendency to make him do what I want while he insists on what he wants. We always make up though. I never fail to say I am sorry when I know I am in the wrong and I have been teaching him to accept his faults the same way. He is so much better behaved and it helps that he has a good teacher because he is blooming into an intelligent child who thinks independently. I hope he will keep on doing good and that he will have a good teacher next school year. Congratulations kuya. Keep up the good work!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

cold, go away!

The little man and I are sick. We thought we were over this bug we contacted last winter but it seems like it is determined to hang on. It is not very bad since we only have the common cold and cough but the symptoms are annoying. Besides, it makes him miss school because we do not want to send him to school knowing he could be contagious. He has missed a few days already but I am grateful that his teacher understands. I am also grateful that the little girl has not contacted anything yet. I hope she will not get sick. It is hard to take care of a sick child when one is sick. At least the little man is old enough to tell me what is wrong with him and to ask for medicine when he is ill. I am trying to distance myself from the little girl so she will not get sick. It is not easy to do but I am working on it. How do I do it? By pretending to be busy, like getting online and looking at beautiful wedding bands even if I do not have use for them. I watch her watching her favorite tv shows, learning new things. I wish I could play with her but right now my head is puffed up it does not feel like it is mine. Sigh! I am sick of being sick. I hope spring and summer will be better for my family health-wise.

Friday, February 14, 2014

pizza guy

The little man was fascinated when he saw this figure at Legoland. He actually thought the pepperoni pizza was real. When I told him it wasn't, he had to get near to touch and make sure. I must tell you that pepperoni pizza is one of his favorite. This figure was located just outside the door to a pizza restaurant. It "talks" which added to its already "appealing" look. He told me to take a picture of this figure. He would not pose near it because he said he wanted the pizza to be the attraction. He did not look at the picture I took. He never even did ask to look at it. Not even once. With the many fascinating figures and buildings we saw, I do not blame him if he forgot this figure which was one of the few that can be seen near the entrance gate.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

getting updates

There are a lot of videos that are being shared on Facebook today. I have watched some but are afraid to even think about opening a few links because I am afraid my computer will get a virus. Those videos I have watched are mostly uploaded by my friends while there were some that are shared and re-shared by my friends. One of these said videos are of a couple doing their wedding dance that was what one would consider not traditional. It was kinda neat, though. I forgot to check if the couple has paid for a choreographer, the likes that would give wedding dance lessons from here, or if they did it on their own. I must admit I still would like to watch the traditional wedding dance but something out of the ordinary as long as artistically done is good too. It makes a wedding more memorable and different in a good way. There are a lot of reasons I check on my Facebook account every now and then. Videos are only part of it. Pictures and status updates are what I am after. After all, I signed up for an account to keep track of my friends and their activities and to let them know what I am doing as well.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

multi-player game server

To be honest, I do not know much what the title means. Unless I take it literally. The little man has been playing Minecraft for years now. Yes, years. I bought the game for him in 2010 (if I am not mistaken). He likes to play Minecraft and we let him because he only builds houses and such in it anyway. He always has been playing on his own (single player) though. Now, he was informed that his nephew has a Minecraft account so he wants me to do an upgrade to multi-player so he can play with the other boy. He claims all we need to do is download something on the computer he is using and it should work. Of course, he already watched tutorials on Youtube so he has a little bit of knowledge on the subject. I, on the other hand, is already having a headache trying to follow him. I hope we get this right because I do not want another computer shot because of something we downloaded online. I wish I am a techie person so I can help him. Unfortunately for both of us, I am not. I may have to ask another mom whose kids are on Minecraft too. Perhaps she will be able to enlighten me so I will not feel so d&*b about this game.