Friday, October 27, 2017

ramp up your personal style

Have you found yourself spending a bit too much time in the comfort of your college sweatpants and sweatshirts? It’s human nature to desire comfort and we often find that in our well-worn and well-washed favorites. The down side is a nearly total lack of fashion. Contrary to popular belief, fashion and comfort can indeed go hand in hand! You don’t need an unlimited budget or the expensive services of a personal stylist to ramp up your personal sense of style. Follow these recommendations from the fashion gurus to get started. There’s no better time than today! Do you work in an office? Do you frequently participate in sports? Are you home raising a family? Whatever the circumstances are of your lifestyle, you can develop a basic wardrobe that works well with your ever changing needs. The first step is to go through your closet with a sharp eye. So many often lament while staring at a closet full of clothes that they have nothing to wear. If you have not worn a garment in over a year, make arrangements to consign, discard or donate it. Make three piles as you go through your closet. Once it has been pared down, you will have a better idea of your selections. The foundation for any wardrobe is solid anchor prices. A well-tailored jacket, classic trousers from quality fabric and a timeless A-Line skirt are the anchor pieces to your wardrobe. Select these pieces in solid colors that complement one another. These pieces can be worn with a variety of tops, blouses and shirts. They can be dressed up or down and be suitable for nearly every occasion. One of the great ways to begin ramping up your personal style and building on your anchor pieces without breaking the bank is to select from the fabulous variety of fashionable accessories available a nearly every price point. Check out the awesome deals available from Groupon coupons and the huge selection of up to date accessories available from Barneys. Finally, make an appointment with your hair stylist and explore new hairstyles that compliment your features and lifestyle. Experiment with new style options especially if you’ve had the same cut for several years. Remind yourself that it’s just a haircut and will certainly grow out and can be changed over the years. The most important things to wear every day to ramp up your personal style are a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Best of luck to you and remember to have fun exploring your personal style!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

he is 11!

Throwback to his first birthday. 

Happy birthday, 'noy!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

express yourself through fashion

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

There are many ways on how to express one's self. What are the ways of expressing yourself? Do you express yourself through your chosen fashion style? Oh, fashion, one of the coolest ways to show your type of personality. Depending on the things that you like most, by the way, you dress, you are expressing yourself. By the way, you comb your hair, or when you are using wigs like these lace front wig, you are already expressing yourself. Even with the scent that you choose to use every day, it’s a way of showing your own amazing self. Are you into buying branded fashions or just the one that is affordable yet you will look fabulous?
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

parish picnic

Our church is going to have its annual parish picnic this weekend. My family has been attending this picnic since we moved to this city. It is always fun. There are plenty of food and drinks for the adults and games and inflatables for the kids. We normally stay for two to three hours just to let the kids play with other kids while we watch. The kids, particularly the youngest, is looking forward to it because she remembers the fun she had last year. We are hoping for a beautiful weather this weekend so everybody will get to enjoy the event.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

what to do before buying a used car

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For some reason, people want to buy used cars. They believed that they can save when they will do it, and also they can easily change the cars anytime they would like to. How about you? What are your concerns when buying used cars? Depending on your budget, you can set a maximum price of the car that you are going to search. Now, when you are particular with the car make, you can narrow your search by it as well. Reading good reviews on the vehicle that you want to purchase will always help you before your visit in any car dealers of your choice. Do not rely on one dealer only. You have to compare car prices so that you can save in buying the car that you dearly want. Searching for used cars for sale by owner is another good thing to do as perhaps these cars are priced lower and you can even ask for a bargain.
In your exploring and researching for a used car, do not forget to use as your guide. This website has thousands of car reviews which are worth reading. You can search for used cars near your area using the features of this site. You can put your zip code and then the maximum price you want. With it, you can search cars by body style (truck, SUV, minivan, convertible, cargo van, passenger van, sedan, hatchback, coupe, and wagon) and also you can check if there are used cars for sale by owners only. offers many more features, and you will know when you will visit this site today!

Friday, August 25, 2017

new school year, new school

The little man started fifth grade on Wednesday. Fifth grade already! Time has really been flying by. Our address got rezoned so him and his sister are going to a different school this year. I was not very happy about it at first because I have gotten used to the rules and routines of the previous school. I even did a transfer request so they could keep going to their old school but he wanted to try the new school and it is nearer to our house so I called the school and have them transferred to the new one. The first three days were good so far. The little girl asked why her friends from kindergarten were not at the new school and I had to explain to her the hows and the whys. She seems to be fine with it now. As for the little man, he said he likes this new school and he likes his gifted and talented teacher so it is good. It helps that this school is newly built. This year is the first year that it is being used and it is very modern and I like the looks and feel of it. I hope for an enjoyable year of learning for my babies.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

planning activities for summer break

In about a month, school will be out. The kids will be home all day long, every day. If I know my kids, they will want to be online at all times. To prevent this form happening, the husband and I have already started planning what to do to keep the kids busy. I am sure there will be plenty of trips to the beach to let them play and, if possible, to walk. The little man is also already enrolled for summer classes which he is looking forward to attending. I am thinking of enrolling him in a piano lesson class but I am not sure if it will happen. I have been putting this off for years now that I should just go on ahead and do it. I guess we will see in a few weeks. Speaking of piano lessons, a few yamaha keyboards look interesting to me. It will be nice to get one for the little man but not before he learns how to play the piano better.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


These two, regardless of considerable age difference, get along pretty good. Oh, they have their moments of arguments and fighting mostly over a silly toy but most of the time they are good. They play the same online games. It helps that the little girl can read so she can keep up with the games her brother likes to play. They are a handful sometimes, especially when he teases her just about anything and she gets aggravated. But they kiss and make up and all is well again in our world. We hope that they continue that way, being nice to each other. We have been teaching the little man to be nice and protective of his little sister and for the little girl to respect her brother and they seem to grasp the importance of the values. Hopefully they will practice these good values and more as they get older.