Thursday, March 20, 2014

cold, go away!

The little man and I are sick. We thought we were over this bug we contacted last winter but it seems like it is determined to hang on. It is not very bad since we only have the common cold and cough but the symptoms are annoying. Besides, it makes him miss school because we do not want to send him to school knowing he could be contagious. He has missed a few days already but I am grateful that his teacher understands. I am also grateful that the little girl has not contacted anything yet. I hope she will not get sick. It is hard to take care of a sick child when one is sick. At least the little man is old enough to tell me what is wrong with him and to ask for medicine when he is ill. I am trying to distance myself from the little girl so she will not get sick. It is not easy to do but I am working on it. How do I do it? By pretending to be busy, like getting online and looking at beautiful wedding bands even if I do not have use for them. I watch her watching her favorite tv shows, learning new things. I wish I could play with her but right now my head is puffed up it does not feel like it is mine. Sigh! I am sick of being sick. I hope spring and summer will be better for my family health-wise.

Friday, February 14, 2014

pizza guy

The little man was fascinated when he saw this figure at Legoland. He actually thought the pepperoni pizza was real. When I told him it wasn't, he had to get near to touch and make sure. I must tell you that pepperoni pizza is one of his favorite. This figure was located just outside the door to a pizza restaurant. It "talks" which added to its already "appealing" look. He told me to take a picture of this figure. He would not pose near it because he said he wanted the pizza to be the attraction. He did not look at the picture I took. He never even did ask to look at it. Not even once. With the many fascinating figures and buildings we saw, I do not blame him if he forgot this figure which was one of the few that can be seen near the entrance gate.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

getting updates

There are a lot of videos that are being shared on Facebook today. I have watched some but are afraid to even think about opening a few links because I am afraid my computer will get a virus. Those videos I have watched are mostly uploaded by my friends while there were some that are shared and re-shared by my friends. One of these said videos are of a couple doing their wedding dance that was what one would consider not traditional. It was kinda neat, though. I forgot to check if the couple has paid for a choreographer, the likes that would give wedding dance lessons from here, or if they did it on their own. I must admit I still would like to watch the traditional wedding dance but something out of the ordinary as long as artistically done is good too. It makes a wedding more memorable and different in a good way. There are a lot of reasons I check on my Facebook account every now and then. Videos are only part of it. Pictures and status updates are what I am after. After all, I signed up for an account to keep track of my friends and their activities and to let them know what I am doing as well.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

multi-player game server

To be honest, I do not know much what the title means. Unless I take it literally. The little man has been playing Minecraft for years now. Yes, years. I bought the game for him in 2010 (if I am not mistaken). He likes to play Minecraft and we let him because he only builds houses and such in it anyway. He always has been playing on his own (single player) though. Now, he was informed that his nephew has a Minecraft account so he wants me to do an upgrade to multi-player so he can play with the other boy. He claims all we need to do is download something on the computer he is using and it should work. Of course, he already watched tutorials on Youtube so he has a little bit of knowledge on the subject. I, on the other hand, is already having a headache trying to follow him. I hope we get this right because I do not want another computer shot because of something we downloaded online. I wish I am a techie person so I can help him. Unfortunately for both of us, I am not. I may have to ask another mom whose kids are on Minecraft too. Perhaps she will be able to enlighten me so I will not feel so d&*b about this game.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

day three of bad weather

The little man has been off school for three days now. The weather is bad here and the city is not ready for this kind of weather so to avoid any incidents public schools are closed. Even the residents are told to stay home if it is not an emergency that requires them to be out. We have been home since Monday night, staying warm while hoping it will get better soon. It seems like it will, if the meteorologists are right. Tomorrow is going to be the start of a week of warm weather. It is supposed to be in the low 50's then it will work itself up to 60's before the weekend next week. We are so looking forward to that. We miss going to the beach to walk and spend time letting the kids play. For today, we are home, awaiting for the ice in the yard to melt. The kids are watching cartoons on tv, the husband is lying in bed to stay warm, while here I am trying to search about exciting trombone straight mute and what it does while watching The Following on Hulu. I have been trying to finish this post for probably almost an hour but I have all day so I will just chug along. If there is one thing I like about this bad weather is that my family is home. Then there is the fact that we saved gas for staying home all day long. :D

Monday, January 27, 2014

new favorite

If you have been reading my posts here about the little man, you will remember that he was a picky eater. He still is but he is better than he was before. At least now he tries other food without judging it to be good or bad just by looking at it. I know it sounds silly when a child refuses to eat anything based on what the food looks like but he does it anyway. Lately though, he has been coming out of it. He tastes food that we offer him to eat. He tells us what he likes and we make sure to serve the food he likes while making him try other food. It is a work in progress, has been since he was a baby but we think we are getting there.
This morning, he tried grilled cheese for the first time and he said he likes it. He wanted to know if he can have grilled cheese for breakfast some mornings which we readily said yes. We have offered and made him try grilled cheese before but he always refused it. I don't know what changed his mind but we sure are happy for the change. He also has been eating fruits after I told him he needs to eat healthy. It is not all fine and dandy though because he reverts back to his picky ways but he is more open to change now than he was. Anything is better than nothing, they say. And it sure is. We hope he will get better at trying other food. Then we can work at what is healthy or not while we are it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

a weekend with family

We had visitors over the weekend. The husband's daughter (my stepdaughter) came with her family and spent the weekend with us. She has three kids, the oldest of which is younger than the little man by a few months and the youngest is older than the little girl by a few months. It was chaotic and loud but the adults have learned to divert disaster by keeping the kids occupied. The older kids played with the little man's keyboard ( they loved it so much that their mom is already looking at yamaha keyboards to buy for her kids) while the girls spent a long time huddled over coloring books. Cartoons helped too. And food, of course. We planned on going to a dinner show but the one we wanted to go will not open until February so we stayed home and cooked instead. It was a fun weekend but I was happy when it ended. I have to be honest, I can only have so many people at home so long. I still prefer quiet and peace (if I can get any with the little girl around) most days.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

legoland driving school

Legoland Driving School. One of the things the little man wanted to try on our first day at the park but did not get to do because there was a long line of eager kids ahead of him. It was the very first thing he did the second day. It was a disappointing short ride for me, the wait time to get on a car was longer than the ride itself, but he got out of there grinning from ear to ear while waving his "driver's license" at us. He would have wanted to get on the line again but we persuaded him to move on to the next attraction. I was told to keep his driver's license in a safe place so he can bring it to school for show and tell.